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Freeze Frame Fiction vol. iv is officially live today featuring my flash piece, “A Cautionary Tale for Young Deities” and ten other excellent stories. In addition to the free fiction, readers get to enjoy original artwork from genre illustrator Carrion House (a.k.a. Luke Spooner).

You can see Luke’s badass illustration for my story below:

Art credit: Luke Spooner Copyright 2015 


It’s always a trip seeing your work interpreted in another medium. Luke’s evocative art has been popping up all over the spec scene lately. In addition to illustrating the first four volumes of Freeze Frame, he also provided some incredible original commissions for the Pantheon Magazine anthology series. Check out this one. And this one. And just for good measure this one.

“Cautionary Tale” is a fable of sorts, the kind of story I imagine capricious Gods reading to their little Godlings at night to scare the shit out of them, thus inducing thousands of dollars of future psychiatric care. The piece comes in nice and tight under 1000 words, as all good flash fiction should. You basically have no excuse not to read it right this second.

I’ll wait.

What did you think?

There are some other very strong stories in vol. iv including the anchor piece “Burn Me, Love” by Alexis A. Hunter. Alexis is kind of an under-the-radar all-star in the short fiction world. She specializes in flash and has pretty quietly published over fifty pieces in the last few years. Notable works include her contributions to Flash Fiction Online, Cricket, Shimmer and Apex. The more you read of her the more you want to discover. It’s an honor to share the same TOC.

You can read new work from Alexis, me and nine other amazing writers for the low, low price of one click. Enjoy.

Author: Zach Lisabeth

Author of speculative fictions, lapsed musician and reluctant Angeleno. Graduate of Northwestern University and the Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Workshop at UCSD.