New Story to Appear in Fantasy Scroll Magazine

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Boom goes the dynamite. New story incoming.

Just got the official word that my Clarion Week 3 story, “Where the Millennials Went” will be published in an upcoming issue of Fantasy Scroll Magazine. Cue celebration GIFs.

And my official writing success gif:

God bless you, Mark Messier.

I know I’m not supposed to pick favorites, but I will say that this piece came into the Clarion world more fully formed than its siblings. Both the piece and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Catherynne Valente, who believed in this story from the beginning and even encouraged me to adapt it into a novel (more news to come). Without her enthusiasm and penetrating critique, “Where the Millennials Went” might still be sitting in the bottom of my trunk.

So look out for this one in the coming weeks. It’s a generational portal fantasy about talking voles, unicorn destriers, gibbering gibbons, Lumpkins and Reagan. So much Reagan. Enough Reagan to put boners in every lap at the RNC. You’ve been warned.

Author: Zach Lisabeth

Author of speculative fictions, lapsed musician and reluctant Angeleno. Graduate of Northwestern University and the Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Workshop at UCSD.