Life, the Universe & Everything (Writing Related) Part II

I promised prophecy and now: here be prophecy. Prophecy might actually be too strong of a word, now that I think about it. This is more like aggressive optimism. As mentioned in the previous post, the forthcoming list serves not only as a teaser for future works to come, but as a mode of accountability…


Life, the Universe & Everything (Writing Related)

I’m back and I’m blogging again. Moses help us. I can’t believe it’s really been six months since I updated this page. That shit is straight unacceptable. Why didn’t someone say something? This is on you fools, too. I’m willing to take 30…maybe 40% of the responsibility. Apportion the rest as you see fit. To…

Off to NYC

Now that the tundra is beginning to thaw I’m making a long overdue trek out east. I’ll be celebrating Passover AND Easter with a band of cynical atheists who just like chocolate eggs and gefilte fish. Not necessarily at once. But maybe? Liz and are flying into scenic Newark, NJ, on the red eye tonight….

Welcome to the Jungle

Doesn’t Axl look terrible? Let’s hope writers age better than rockers. Welcome to my Definitely A Blog, I guess. It’s not without reservations that I launch this incredibly public, incredibly unfiltered forum for self-promotion and general thought exploration. Anyone who knows me in the offline world can confirm what a reckless decision this is. For real….