Welcome to the Jungle

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Look at Axl and Slash. One can only hope that writers age better than rockers.

Doesn’t Axl look terrible? Let’s hope writers age better than rockers.

Welcome to my Definitely A Blog, I guess.

It’s not without reservations that I launch this incredibly public, incredibly unfiltered forum for self-promotion and general thought exploration. Anyone who knows me in the offline world can confirm what a reckless decision this is. For real. This is a site owned, operated, written and edited by me. I don’t have an assistant, webmaster or conscience looking over my shoulder to maintain reasonable boundaries of professionalism. What I do have are opinions, which I hope to share right here on a semi-regular basis.

Good thing stuff on the internet only lasts forever.

If I do something interesting, I’ll talk about it here. If I do something NOT interesting, I’ll probably talk about it here. If I get caught flat-footed in conversation and think of a pithy rejoinder just a few minutes late – you guessed it – I’ll post it here. The French call that phenomenon l’esprit d’escalier, although I’ve only ever heard pedantic Americans use the term. This happens to me so often in life that I may start an entire “Missed Connections” section for dicky comments.

You see what I mean? This is already problematic.

For the most part, I’m going to use this forum to discuss books and publishing and maybe a little music. In addition to my own work, I hope to rep stuff from my fellow Plotstriches and some of the other writers that I really dig. If you navigate over to the Reading List section you’ll see a nice, neat list of all the books I’m poring over at the moment. The Playlist is the same idea – just for music.

Hopefully you’ll find some of this interesting, and – if not – maybe you’re just a philistine. Did you ever think of that? Maybe it’s not me, it’s you.

As always, thanks for reading.


Author: Zach Lisabeth

Author of speculative fictions, lapsed musician and reluctant Angeleno. Graduate of Northwestern University and the Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Workshop at UCSD.