New Story to Appear in Fantasy Scroll Magazine

Boom goes the dynamite. New story incoming. Just got the official word that my Clarion Week 3 story, “Where the Millennials Went” will be published in an upcoming issue of Fantasy Scroll Magazine. Cue celebration GIFs. And my official writing success gif: God bless you, Mark Messier. I know I’m not supposed to pick favorites,…

Second Story in Angelus Triptych Creeps Closer to Finish Line

*giant exhale* After over a month of toiling “The Repeating Woman” is almost there. With any luck I should be able to finish the first draft today. I’m not going to lie–this one kicked my ass. The whole story clocks in around 7500 words, which is right in the ball park of my outline’s expectations….

Welcome to the Jungle

Doesn’t Axl look terrible? Let’s hope writers age better than rockers. Welcome to my Definitely A Blog, I guess. It’s not without reservations that I launch this incredibly public, incredibly unfiltered forum for self-promotion and general thought exploration. Anyone who knows me in the offline world can confirm what a reckless decision this is. For real….